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Questions asked by my readers.  
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Enjoyment had by all.

1. I feel like I want to ask you the questions the Bridgekeeper asks of the knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So I shall...sort of...What is your name? What is your quest (your mission for your blog)? What is...the capital of Assyria?!? No, how about what is your favorite color? Be careful not to change your mind in mid-sentence. - Bryan of Still Unfinished

Hmmm....Becca.  Obvi.  :)  My mission for the blog is to share my love of books and things that are important to me, while hopefully entertaining others and making friends!   My favorite color is yellow.  Sunny and optimistic and cheerful!  Good thing you asked me that since I had to look up the capital to Assyria. lol

2. If you could do anything - if money, time, and current responsibilities weren't a factor - what would it be? - Charleen Lynette of Cheap Thrills Book Blog

I would open my own bookstore with an attached cafe/tea room.  It would be filled with big comfy chairs and sofas, reading nooks, a free book section for those who can't afford a book, and lots of author events and book clubs!  We'd have literary parties, too.

3. Do you remember the first book you fell absolutely in love with?  - Jennifer of The Relentless Reader

As a child, it was The Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry.  I loved learning all the words, but I also loved putting together my own stories from the illustrations.  That was probably my first experiment with writing.  It was all in my head, but I was creating my own stories from scratch.

A little bit older, I fell in love with The Babysitter's Club books by Ann M. Martin.  

4. NPR recently asked what are the three books that summarize you? What are your three books? - Vasilly of 1330v

Oh that is a toughie!  I'm going to go with 1984 by George Orwell since it taught me not to trust in government, and it has made me a lifelong fan of dystopian novels.  Second would be The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu because reading it made me realize that I believe in a more universal idea of God than any one idea put forth in any one religion or spiritual practice.  The third book would be Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert because it has helped me to deal with life-changing moments, break-ups, and emotional/verbal abuse.  

5. If you could escape to the best place on earth where would you go and what books would you take? - Lori Caswell

I would escape to Florence, Italy.  I've never been there but it is the one place on Earth that I have always wanted to go.  The architecture, the museums, the art, the food, the wine, the history, the language, just everything seems so...amazing.  For books I would pick Where Angels Fear to Tread by E.M. Forester, The House of Medici: It's Rise and Fall by Christopher Hibbert, Daisy Miller by Henry James, and The Leopard by Giuseppe Di Lampedusa because you need good books about the culture while you are there.  Then if I need a quick palate cleansing book from all the Italian scenarios, I will take some Sherlock Holmes stories.

6. Do you write fan fiction? - Tasha of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Books

That makes me nervous, to be honest.  I just feel I could probably never do my favorite books justice in a fan fiction.  I love all the Austen-esque novels, for example, but to create one?  Too much pressure!  I won't say never though.  You never know when you will come up with an original twist to something.  Maybe it will be Poe or Gatsby inspired fan fiction.  

7. You have one book with you on a deserted island, a book you'll have to read over and over again, since it's the only one you have. What book is it?  - Rebecca of Love at First Book

If I can take a book on survival, I would do that.  If not, then probably a collection of short stories and poems, preferably by various authors.  I get bored easily and if I cannot have at least 5 books going at the same time I am unhappy.  An anthology with various authors would help me keep a piece of that. :)


  1. Awesomeness!! I am an HDFS major and absolutely love it. Reading your "about me" reminded me of myself. I also was not always an avid reader and absolutely refused the idea of being a teacher, until i worked in a preschool program for children with disabilities. Now I can't wait to get out of school and have my own special education classroom. I like your very unique way of writing your about me section.

  2. So glad I found your Pinterest board for Fibromyalgia. Your pins summed me up exactly and prompted me to make my own board to raise awareness.

    Congratulations on everything you do.

  3. Fun way to do the About part of your blog!

  4. I also have fibromyalgia..Me and my husband talk with you in twitter about politics lol ...but I really enjoy reading about you..I love books also

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by here! I hate that you have fibro, too. If you ever want to talk, just tweet me! :D


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