January 19, 2013

January and February Kidlit Challenge Review Links

I apologize.

I have been remiss about putting up this post.  I kept forgetting all about it.  Then I read a kidlit book and I realized I had no where to link the review to.  *Sigh*  My memory has a short attention span. 

So here is where to add your reviews for January and February.  I am going to add in a link that was left on the main challenge page because, once again, I was remiss in putting up this post and she was on the ball more so than I.  

So go visit her and read her reviews and when you have some of your own, be sure to link them up here.  Thanks and have fun reading!


  1. I'm not participating in this as a hardcore YA fan but I missed the original post and just wanted to comment on what a neat idea this is. I want to celebrate ALL books being published out there no matter the category!

  2. This is actually a challenge for younger than YA. Books aimed at 0-12 year olds. I read mostly books for the 3-6 range myself.


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