January 24, 2013

Bookish Links & Discoveries

1. Author Joanna Bourne discusses the legitimacy of genre fiction.  She says genre fiction is not second to literary fiction and the two cannot be intermingled.

2. In Book Riot's "Our Reading Lives" feature last week, the vanishing bookstore is discussed.

3. The BDFC has really lovely Jane Austen Commemorative Stamps.  It makes me wish I lived in Britain.

4. Author Patrick Carman launches an interesting discussion on Facebook about whether YA books should come with warning labels.

5. I wasn't the only one talking about bad book covers this week.  Both Indie Author News and  Huffington Post jumped in with their take, too. FACT: Bad Covers Will Hurt Your Sales!!!

6. Literary Mashups - What literary mashups would you like to see?

7. I am reading The Study of Scarlet so this article on How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes caught my attention.  My complete obsession with the BBC's Sherlock has nothing to do with it.  *ahem*

8. The Guardian has an article on how the Internet has helped make great literature more accessible and easier to understand.  What do you think the future will hold for accessibility?

9. Love for Downton Abbey has created some great links this week: Great Thoughts created a book list of what to read if you love Downton (and who doesn't?).  Tasha B. shared this link to the Crowley sisters as art (Sybil's is my fave).  Pam (Bookalicio.us) shared this link of what it would be like if the Downton characters were on Facebook ("spoiler": Edith still can't get any attention.)

What were some of your own favorite stories this week?


  1. I love these bookish links posts you do. :-) My time online is limited and that's how I find some great stories to read. Love Sherlock too btw :-)

  2. Sherlock is the best! And thanks for letting me know you like the posts, Ana! I will keep them coming!

  3. I don't want to think like Sherlock, I just want to hang around him. ;)

  4. OMG!!! I just can't get past Sherlock!! I love, love, love BBC's version!! And, I agree with Tasha! I don't want to be him, but I do want to hang with him! :)

    1. Cumberbatch is so amazing as Sherlock, right?


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